Visit Place Trocadero Paris: Top things to do

Discovery of Paris

Place Trocadero Paris is among the best, most toured destinations with monumental walkways and manicured gardens in France. It is an ideal place to capture Paris’ epic scenic shots being an elevated and open space. If you are looking forward to seeing the monumental Eiffel Tower, then Place Trocadero is the best location to explore. Here is the things you need to know before you visit Place Trocadero in Paris.

Crucial Things to note before Touring Place Trocadero Paris

Since Trocadero is one of the busiest places in Paris, it is advisable tour it late at night or early in the morning. This guarantees you a crowd-free visit as you cool off during the summer. Furthermore, you will be able to see and enjoy the magnificent city lights when you visit this place in the evening. Also, consider these factors before embarking on your tour. There is no entry fee when you choose to visit any Trocadero garden, and they are open 24-7.

Do not worry even if you use a wheelchair since the destination and all its museums are accessible to all. There are countless Wi-Fi hotspots around the Trocadero.

What to do in Trocadero

When you are on a walking tour in Paris, it’s a great idea to stroll through the famous Trocadero garden. Alternatively, you can use the Seine River cruise to pass waterfront gardens or go for bus tours. Since this destination has perfect views of the Champ de Mars and Eiffel Tower, it is a great stopover for photo shoots.

Places to visit in Trocadero

You will be spoilt for choices of ideal places to tour to enjoy your stay in Trocadero. These are among the best places to tour:

  • Palais de Tokyo The Tokyo Palace museum is dedicated solely to contemporary art. Here, you will have a chance to discover strikingly stylish and modern artwork exhibitions.
  • Musee des Egouts – Visiting the underground Sewers Museum will enable you to learn more about Paris sewers’ modernity.
  • Palais Galliera – Best place to experience the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries’ costumes; you will understand the evolution of fashion well during your visit.
  • Palais de Chaillot – There are three different museums to visit here.
  • Trocadero Square – You will have clear and superb views of Eiffel Tower here; you can capture your fun moments in camera at this square.

Whether you choose to visit the well-known Paris Aquarium or stroll around the beautiful, quiet gardens, touring Trocadero is a pleasing idea. No wonder the destination is one of the most visited in Paris. The visit is safe, fun and, elegant. There are also many five-star hotels for accommodation in Trocadero.